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Futureme should allow text messages

Texts to your mobile phone are more personal and higher impact! I could even help fund it! Ash

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You can do this already by sending an email to your phone number @ your carrier – for example: 1231231234@txt.att.net

If you search the web, you can find a list of domains for specific carriers.

(Note that we do not do any special formatting for txt so if your note is too long…it will be broken up…We might do a an SMS-specific formatting feature at some point in the, ah hem, future…)

(…also note that you’re responsible for data charges)

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  • yannick commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Ok let me start by saying that i know you probably don't have time for this, i am just sharing thoughts hoping that you would see the potential.
    First of all, it has to be made easy, think twitter, people should be able to remind themselves that they have an appointment, send a message to their loved one when they're right in front of them, this can be an electronic note to self :-)
    You might even be able to make them pay a small amount if you try to do something like : send this site to a friend or pay 2 cents.
    The thing really is to make it easy to use, available, accurate and then people will find more creative ways to use it, pretty much like twitter.

    These were just some ideas, I guess you thought about it long before i did, but it's always worth a comment, even if it looks condescending now that i read it :-) sorry about that

    have a nice day

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