futureme.org should...

Allow us to change the date we receive our letters

So that if we accidentally put the wrong date we could change it.

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    KJKJ shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    under review  ·  FutureMe SupportAdminFutureMe Support (Admin, futureme.org) responded  · 

    This is tricky…we don’t want to allow carte blance date changing as it starts to defeat the purpose of the “surprise” element that makes FutureMe unique.

    Perhaps there is a “grace period” of 1 week where you can change the date of the letter or something.


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      • ananomousananomous commented  · 

        omg so annoying i cant send it unless i pay 3 $$$ online

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        i did not receive the verification letter help me plzzz

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        hi i did not get the verification email so that the future email could be sent, plzzz help.

      • Joanna ArmentaJoanna Armenta commented  · 

        Hi Future Me, I sent a future letter for someone so I typed his email address, it was sent to his email add for verification. Can you delete that letter? cause he would see the email which he supposed to see in the future. :(( Can you do that?

      • JeudiJeudi commented  · 

        I need this feature right now, please

      • Maker5000Maker5000 commented  · 

        I sent a letter several years ago but now I discovered that the date I set was wrong. Also I have changed my email account and am in desperate need of some information written in that letter. Would you please make that 2024 letter available for me? It really helps! My username is Maker5000.

        P.S. Please!

      • haneenhaneen commented  · 

        i sent an email to myself long time ago and i never receive anything yet and I'm sure that i wanted it to be sent to me in 2014, can you help please??

      • zeddzedd commented  · 

        A grace period of a week... or even just ONE HOUR so that you can correct a mistake if you suddenly realize you selected the wrong day, month or year.

        That would be awesome, thanks!

      • LoriLori commented  · 

        People using this site must not forget that the developers, organizers, and owner of the website does this as a FOR FREE accepting donations, as well working their own full-time jobs. SOme of the comments on here sound like life or death. The site owes you nothing; it is FREE and anyone can use it. If the letters were that important you should have printed them off and stored them with someone else. I think its a great idea and lot easier than having an in-box and save file just because you don't want to forget some things, and here it is. Just write your letter and they email you back. ITS A FREE SERVICE, quite novel, entertaining and helpful for most. this is JMO

      • tyoptyop commented  · 

        Maybe it should be so you can change when the letter is sent if it's only a few days after you wrote it so you can fix mistakes but still can't cheat.

      • Sandra Sandra commented  · 

        I'm going to start crying I swear to god I will flip out if we can't change the date that we send our letters to. I have been writing letters to my 20 year-old self for three months and I accidentally sent my letter for one day like last week a year before all of the other ones and I don't remember what I wrote so I dont want to lose it but like this letter needs to have it's date changed this is so important to me.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I accidentally put December 1, 2014, instead of December 1, 2013. Is there anyway to adjust the date.

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        Please, I really need to change my date very urgently. Can you do something about it? :(

      • thelongdogthelongdog commented  · 

        I sent an important message on the same day i made the account just to test it out and it never came. What gives!

      • Ariel FeitosaAriel Feitosa commented  · 

        Two months ago I ended a relationship and sent a future message to my ex. I wrote about how I loved her and what I was willing to do not to lose her. I wrote about what I expected for our future and how I felt, and feel, facing the end.

        We ended our relationship because my ex was moving back to her city and we couldn't be together anymore because of the distance.

        The date I intended to choose to letter's delivery was September 13th. Exactly two months after our relationship ended.

        I don't know why it was registered to be delivered only on September 13th of 2014. A year from now!!

        I really need this letter to be delivered soon. The perfect timing would be 09/13/2013!

        I would also like to thank for this wonderful tool you guys developed. I'm a future.me user since 2009. The possibility of writing to the future helped me to achieve goals and improve some aspects of my life.

        Please, try to help me!! I would appreciate a lot.

        Face this as the opportunity of uniting a young couple that love each other, but was teared apart due to destiny's will.

        It's very important and, if it's possible, it will change my future.

        Many thanks.

        Ariel Feitosa

      • Ariel FeitosaAriel Feitosa commented  · 

        I sent my letter for the wrong date.
        I sent it a year after the date I wanted!
        I need so much to change the delivery date.
        Please provide it for us!!

      • Bethany Bethany commented  · 

        Please make it possible to change the date!! So annoying...why wouldn't u be able to? That just doesn't make sense.

      • YesThisIsDogYesThisIsDog commented  · 

        Hello, I wanted to send my new mail- and facebook-passwords to myself, so i won't check my facebook for some days. But now I see that I've send them to January 2014. This is more than awkward. Is there a way to get that mail sooner? Haven't seen a "Support"-Link anywhere... Why the fuck does it say 2014 by itself anyway?!

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