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SUICIDE VACCINE.....[This info was used to save the lives of
Katrina/Rita/Wilma refugees.]
SUICIDE VACCINE: Suicide, impulsive depression/self-injury
prevention---(A figure of speech)---a life preserver made up of
WASHINGTON (AP)---"Using anti-depressants Increases the risk of
Suicidal thoughts and behavior among young people"---12/06/2006
[I realize there is a stigma against "suicide", but consider this as
CPR...you won't use it on yourself, but only to help others; also,
those hurt by suicide seem to care less about others dying, as a
kind of
"pay-back"...overcome it if you have been hurt by someone's suicide
help out!]
Please help END suicide & spread this everywhere! It works, which is
the only point!!

..........[Read with the kind of open mind that conquers the
...........You don't have to believe in God to sense that there are
unseen, negative forces at work against the human race; vast,
heartless, loveless and unsympathetic. (If you don't believe in
anything you can't see, touch or feel, you're vulnerable!
Expand your horizon to understand that ALL of life is connected and
has a great impact on us, whether we can see it or not!....like a
virus,with the naked eye, for instance.)
Fallen angels (who are JUST as real as YOU are, who hide behind our
deceived ignorance of their REAL methods, who lost their "day jobs"
and have nothing better to do than prey on us, and who are called
"demons") get sheer delight in tricking humans into self-murder and
slaughter us like slave/cattle daily (as well as other deadly
deceptions such as incited, outward violence)!
One such deception we call "suicide".
The word "angel" means "messenger". The 'Maker of All Things' had
designed angels to carry His thoughts and put them into the mind of
The fallen angels can still place their thoughts directly into any
human's mind, in that human's very own thought voice....YOUR thought
voice! (Ever had an angry or impulsive thought, word or action that
you knew wasn't you? We all have!!)
"Suicide risk" people (and others) that don't know or ACCEPT that
tampering can be done to them are stuck thinking that was what they
really wanted to do.
In play also is the demon's ability to incite, to manipulate our
feelings and emotions, dragging us along the bottom of our lives
(depression or pain of any sort, whether physical or emotional) and
setting us up for a deadly trick, often through isolation, arrogance,
never-ending boredom or impulsive behavior (we are most vulnerable
Also, the more self-absorbed or self-centered the individual is, the
more susceptible they are (involve yourself with other's needs as a
defense....others-centered rather than self-centered.......LOVE is
what you do for ALL others that is in their highest or best
anytime, anywhere, selflessly! 24/7). People with good fortune
on them would hardly listen to a suicide thought, as out of place as
it would be there and a noticeable implant into their thought
The bad guys have thousands of lures that get most of us (like
$$money$$...which took the place of Love in the USA....entertainment,
sports & business....which took the place of Family, "soaps" {which
robs people of emotions for other human beings}, etc.), but we can be
inoculated against the fooling trick of suicide and eradicate it now
that the REAL source has finally been revealed!
JOIN the fight, help dispel the fog of myth that has for so long
clouded the real source of a lot of mankind's miseries, bring about
the end of suicide & other terrible stuff. "Light dispels the
darkness!" [Protect the ones you love, and understand with the kind
open mind that conquers the unknown]
...Other things the above "truth-vaccine" {a life preserver made up
words} protects us from: self-injury, anxiety {excessive worry},
phobias, compulsive/obsessive/impulsive behavior.....remember, the
enemy has a lure for each one of us....like a master "fisherman",
10,000 years of experience to use against our relative few; so it
to be inoculated against the "god of this world"'s deceptions!)
World-wide deception takes a hit when the truth sets us free!!!
HELP to spread this objective truth around freely to PREVENT more
needless deaths and tragedies, to PROTECT the human race, including
those you love!
......"The enemy has only images and illusions behind which he hides
his true motives; destroy the images and you will break the enemy;
opportunity hits all by itself." [Bruce Lee:: Enter the Dragon]
...."People who don't believe that the devil walks this earth have
seen the things I've seen (terrible human slaughter). I believe that
there is such a thing as true evil, and that there is true
[Dr. Ronald Wright:: Broward County Medical Examiner, Florida]
.......For "defense" & "offense" against mankind's worst enemies, the
'Keeper of the Flame' shows how these two elements work to use the
truth to melt deception & free the human race from miserable slavery
& Offense against mankind's worst enemies]
*Defense.....2 Corinthians 10:5-b "Hold every thought captive" and
make it obey God's loving ways by putting an "editor" in your head to
check everything out before it becomes reality & it's too late!
(including your feelings and emotions, AND continued thoughts;
impulsive, negative things should be ignored, like you would try to
avoid a bully)...James 1:19 "Slow to speak" (while you're checking
things out & practice--->2Cor.10:5-b) & quick to listen, slow to
anger; this will also accomplish--->James 4:7) (( All quotes, New
Testament: GOOD NEWS BIBLE ))
**Offense.....EVERY human needs to raise the level of their behavior
from the 'lowest common denominator' (which is where it is now; lazy
or intended) to the 'Highest Common Denominator' of behavior, where
needs to be so we can ALL have a life for a change!
LOVE is what you do for ALL others that is in their highest or best
interest, anytime, anywhere, selflessly! 24/7 )) Are we cattle
(cynically do nothing)...or human...(Unite to Fight & Win!)???
----------Topic: Mick's response to SUICIDE VACCINE "I realised
recently that if I ever caused an upset with someone - knowingly or
unknowingly - that I would try to handle this upset by harming
in an effort to placate the other person.
This included serious physical damage to myself and attempted
Having spotted this info (Suicide Vaccine), I am now no longer going
to do it and wished to let you know this.
It would be better for me to confront the things I have caused and
handle them. Love Mick."

"The devil's greatest trick is making humanity think that he really
doesn't exist!" THE USUAL SUSPECTS

"Reality is something that when you stop believing in it, it doesn't
go away!" Philip K. Dick

"Ignorance is something that you don't know when you really needed it."

My best to you!
James Sorrell



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